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    I am ranting about snow shoveling.

    I live in a big city. Chicago to be precise. We have millions of people. Houses and apartment buildings are built side by side. Hundreds of people live on one city block. We have too many cars, and too many people in too small an area. Public transportation is taken by a great majority. Not everyone drives a car.

    Why is it that when it snows in Chicago, the people lose their brains. You wake up after a night of peaceful slumber to find it has snowed. You hear scraping. The neighbor is out there scraping the snow off his car. Is he shoveling his sidewalk? No. Your other next door neighbor has 8 inches of snow on his stairs and you go around to the back to shovel to the alley. You find your garbage cans buried by snow, because they shoveled out behind their garage,and piled it all in front of your garbage cans.

    It is very obvious that cars are the big priority. Let's make sure we can get the car out, so we can get where we need to go.

    What about the poor soul who walks.? We need clean sidewalks and shoveled crosswalks Instead we get unshoveled crosswalks with slush, because the snowplow has been by and has deposited all the snow into the unshoveled crosswalks. Well guess what? When the salt melts the snow along with the sun, you have mini lakes, and big puddles.

    Picture this. You need to stand on that corner and get a bus. Is the bus stop shoveled? 50% of the time no. So here you are standing on an unshoveled corner waiting for a bus. Where do you stand? You have a choice between a huge pile of snow , or you stand in the street. To get to that bus stop, you have already had to walk through a mini lake or a puddle.

    Driveways get shoveled and plowed. Parking lots get shoveled and plowed. Cars get attention. Pedestrians get zero.

    My Rant on snow shoveling.

    I love my city of Chicago, but when it snows people lose theri brains. .
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    Re: I am ranting about snow shoveling.

    Hate snow, that's why I live in So Cal!
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