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    Disney Special on TV (3/14/05)

    Disney’s Imagineers
    5:00 PM Travel Channel

    Chronicling the design, construction and final ride-testing of Disney World attractions, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror. Also: interviews with the “imagineers” who dream up the attractions.

    Category: do***entary

    Release Year: 2002

    Rating: TV-G

    I cant belive it edited that word, because of thoes 3 letters.

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    le sigh, i'll watch it I guess, (not like you're holding a knife to my throat or anything ) but when will the Disneyland special be aired again?! I've yet to see it.

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    Unfortunately, it's regarding the Disney World attractions. It would be more interesting for me if it was the Disneyland version.

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    Awesome! I love anything about WDW. I will defdinately watch this on Monday!
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