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    Pirates of Carlsbad - 2011

    This year was our 5th Annual 'Pirates of Carlsbad' Halloween display. It was a big hit with the 150 Trick-or-Treaters that made it all the way to the treasure chest full of candy! All a tribute to my favorite attraction at Disneyland.

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    The approach to our house.

    Name:  6309441445_cb71707793_z.jpg
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    First scene was the Pirate Graveyard.

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    Second scene was the Pirate Wharf.

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    If you don't stow your weapons like a good pirate, you end up in the Brig.

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    Third scene was the Pirate Lagoon.

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    The approach to the lagoon was dangerous.

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    After landing at the lagoon, quicksand was the next peril.

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    Killed of by a greedy pirate.

    (Fourth scene was the Pirate Swamp. This was a dark trail with fog, fireflies and glowing animal eyes.)

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    Final scene was the Pirate Lair.

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    Trick-or-treaters headed to the Baaarrrh where the treasure chest of candy was stashed.

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    Backstage at the brig...

    It is all stored away for next year and we already have drawings and ideas for plussing the display next year.

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    Re: Pirates of Carlsbad - 2011

    Really great display and lighting, love it Good to see there are other home haunters on the forum too...any video? Either way, fantastic job..thank you for sharing!
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    Re: Pirates of Carlsbad - 2011

    Awesome job!! Man you're close enough to my parents house. Wish I could have been out there this time of year.

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