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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    lol, i love these results!! and lazyboy970, try searching with just your first name, and CL...bummer.

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    heheh I like mine.

    "Hector: Looks like you'll have to hit the bars again"
    I guess I do belong in the DMCA after all
    "Hector looks like a twentieth century leader of some peace movement all
    of sudden dropped in the middle of Troy thousands of years back."
    OoooO I now?
    And My favorite
    " Hector looks like a mer-dog? Ooooo"
    "Tonight I wash my hands of you
    You set the bar I could not live up to
    Tonight the light is breaking through
    So thank you very little and send me postcards from hell"

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Michelle is a popular name so I got quite a few...

    Michelle looks like a woman stuck in a time warp
    Michelle looks like the awkward step-sister
    Michelle, looks like Priscilla's mother, and Michelle is 51, and Priscilla is 60! Amazing!
    Michelle looks like my fifth grade teacher

    and my personal favorite...
    Michelle looks like a mutant, y'see. She's faintly green

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    LB looks like he is getting angry now.
    LB looks like a strong position.
    LB. looks like the cosmetic surgery went VERY WELL!!!!!
    But from a distance, an LB looks like 20 other basses.
    LB looks like a cross b etween ice cube, big daddy kane, and mc eiht.

    What happens when you get into my mind:
    LB: Looks like we've won. Well done everyone.
    Dupre: They're going to ram us!
    LB: Fire!! This would be more challenging if I fought with my fork.

    And next year's Halloween costume...
    LB looks like a brown paper gracery bag with holes cut out for eyes.

    Fun Times!
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Apparntly the word is not out yet on my new l;ast name because:

    I don't think that Katie looks like the Cho I imagined
    That's cause i will be a TANG

    Whoa, that's awesome. Katie looks
    like she'll be a great Cho
    How many times do I have to tell you know, like the drink!!!!

    Katie looks likerecycled cat food

    Katie looks like most women pregnant with BOYS look at
    about two weeks after conception

    Katie, looks like you all were having a long party
    heh, heh, yea in the DMCA!!!!

    Katie looks like a humpback when pics are taken from behind

    Katie looks like a queen
    I have two nieces that will confirm that i am the queen

    Katie looks like she had a great time there
    someone has seen pictures from this weekend I guess

    Katie looks like my cousin
    I get that alot

    It is true that Katie looks like a big dork in her picture,
    yea? and?
    Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
    FIGHT ON!!!!!!

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Andrew looks like a man in desperate need of a cheeseburger
    and a milkshake as he lags behind.

    Why, erm... thankyou

    October 2000 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2001 - Walt Disney World Resort
    April 2002 - Disneyland Resort Paris
    October 2003 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2004 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2005 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2007 - Walt Disney World Resort
    December 2008 - Walt Disney World Resort
    July 2009 - Disneyland Resort Paris
    July 2011 - Disneyland Resort California
    July 2012-13 - UK Cultural Representative Cast Member at Epcot
    February 2013 - Disneyland Resort California
    February 2013 -Tokyo Disney Resort

    (VERY OLD!)

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Mine said
    "Trish looks like a sexy elf." !!!

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Great topic, halarious results!

    'Patrick looks like a woman, as opposed to the 169 players in the WNBA, who look like men.'
    Well, that's rather nasty!

    'Patrick looks like he just got the wind knocked out if him.'
    Actually, I feel fine.

    'Patrick...looks like a contact lens to me...great color and patterns.'
    Eh? Wha??

    'Poor Patrick looks like he may faint!'
    No, really! I'm OK!

    'Patrick looks like a Taiwanese Aborigine, but speaks fluent English and
    What the...?

    'Patrick looks like a fruit cup.'
    Oh no! My wife won't be happy to hear about this! Or maybe she will...

    'Patrick looks like a taller version of his child-self from Almost Famous. But I think he's a total cutie.'
    Well, that's better!

    'Everyone thought Danna looked more like a hemorrhoid than a starfish,
    but honestly, that's what Patrick looks like.'

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    This is what the name "Christi" looks like in Japanese:

    It is pronounced "KURISUTII". (Consonants are pronounced more or less the same way as in English. "I" sounds like ee in meet, but shorter. "U" sounds like oo in hook, but with less rounding of the lips. Double vowels like "II" are held for twice the duration of single vowels.)

    Christi looks like one hot mama!
    She have a sister?

    Christi looks like she's going to have a nervous breakdown

    Corpus Christi looks like a wonderful place to visit

    and my favorite:
    Christi looks like she's been violated, but in a good way.

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    • Timothy looks like he would just fly away sitting there. with his black & Orange
      Stripes he looks like Part of the Butterfly.
    • SOMEONE owes us an apology, and by God Timothy looks like the man for me! Timothy,
      you snivelling worm, stand up like a man, bare your breast, ...
    • "Timothy looks like a rainbow!" everyone shouted together! Hurray, hurray for
      brave Rainbow Mouse!
    • Are you saying Timothy looks like a dork? :P. haha, no thats not what I meant at
      all. Trust me, I look a lot worse than him.
    • It's amazing how much Timothy looks like a girl when wearing a long skirt and a
      woman's sweater.....
    • Timothy looks like very small cattail.
    • Timothy looks like a matte-grey, bit more filled out Terminator, btw. Realistic eyes
      and teeth are about the only difference, in fact...
    • Timothy looks like someone spilled water on The edges.
    • Little Timothy looks like a character and a half.
    • to the adult eye, Timothy looks like a typical fifth-grader. about average height,
      neither heavy nor thin.
    • All the while, Timothy looks like a child whose mother is straightening her hair.
    • Hi Timothy, Looks like you had a
      great party! Meeting Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse and having ...
    • Timothy looks like his admirers usually imagine him: beautiful face of a professional worker ...
    • Timothy looks like Such a proffesional In those shots, he is one helluva an actor,
      and he was and always will be one of The best Bonds. ...
    • Timothy looks like he belongs behind that desk, doesn't he?
    • at least they look like they're having a little more fun here (though Timothy
      looks like he's about to throw up or something). ...
    • Timothy looks like an easy-going kid, anyone can hold him, it looks like, and he
      doesn't complain.
    • Timothy looks like a little boy with his shaggy hair, peaked little face, denim
      dusty apron, and perpetually dirty hands. Hes twenty-seven, though; ...
    • Timothy looks like he is going to give poor Hunchback a makeover with that hammer. I hope he has other plans!!
    • I'm sure you want to know what Timothy looks like (Yes, you do), so here are some pics that I could find:. Well, there you have it, the famous 'Timothy'

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Elly looks like she is having a blastidy blast.
    Elly looks like a happy girl and so pretty.
    Elly looks like she's TOTALLY about to bitch someone out!
    Elly looks like Marilyn Monroe.
    Elly looks like a sweetheart!
    Elly looks like some shrine of some sort.

    I think they really were talking about little ol' me
    Marge: Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test? Homer, shouldn't we have gone with a better-known brand?
    Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
    Marge: [reading from the test box] "Ahoy, Maties! If the water turns blue, a baby for you! If purple ye see, no baby thar be!"
    Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
    Marge: Pink.
    Homer: D'oh!
    Marge: "If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!"

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Anna looks like she has a clarinet up her nose!
    Anna looks like a chicken with those huge boobs and scrawny everything else
    Anna looks like she needs a pimp
    "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    Karla looks like any 17 year old.
    Karla looks like one of those hairy things that goes
    on the end of your pencil and you spin it and mess up its hair! .
    Karla looks like an iced-mocha. Creamy, smooth, and super sweet! We sucked her
    cubes and savored her chocolate goodness
    Karla, looks like you'll get that chance.
    Just don't hurt'em too much.
    Karla looks like **** now though
    Karla looks like she is pregnant
    Karla looks like she knows what she's doing
    Karla looks like a clown
    karla looks like a gangsta
    Karla looks like she could really use that fist cup of coffee
    Karla looks like a less attractive version of Rita Faltoyano.

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    Re: "your name looks like"...

    "glenda looks like"

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