What the holidays mean to me...
The holidays always provide a challenge to me. A challenge to provide my children with all the warm and precious memories my mom made them for me. It is a time to put my own losses aside and instill in my kids family traditions, giving, and giving back.
We make paper chains to count down the days, we've adopted 'grandma's and grandpa's who take my kids shopping each year, we look for opportunities to share with the community not just during Christmas but all year long. I do my best to not let the 'commercialness' of the season make me grouchy or overwhelmed. Most of all, we celebrate the birth of Christ with candlelight service the night before...and a special song we sing at bedtime. My favorite is to still read "Santa's Favorite Christmas" to my now 13 & 17 year old kids :-). I adore this holidady...and at the same time i look forward to the end of it...so i can stop pretending that my heart isn't still broken as each season w/ out my mom goes by.
This Christmas...as goofy ( ha!) as it sounds... I'm especially thankful for finding this wonderful site with some of the most wonderful 'net friends' i've ever found, and generally,the friendly atmosphere on here.
I wish a blessed Christmas to all of you!!!