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I guess I see and hear so many jabs and insults coming from WDW fans to DLR fans that I just can't get worked up about it in either direction. *shrug*
Could you possibly give some examples of these insults? The worst I've seen here or anywhere is that the DL castle is smaller. Which it is. But if smaller is all you see when you look at the DL castle then you've missed the point and more importantly the charm. I ask this in sincere respect because before I came to this site, I had no idea that fans of one theme park would deride its reciprocal and its fans. I had always assumed that Disney lovers would all be part of a big, happy family.

One of the reasons for that assumption (and this addresses a different post in this thread) is that when I worked at WDW, having DL cast visit was one of the most MAGICAL things that could happen. We wouldn't simply be kind to them. We would take them on tours and/or offer them various perks not available to guests. I, myself, took several groups of DLanders around the parks and everyone had an amazing time. One was a group of very tall girls from the DL entertainment department who called themselves "The Glamazons." They enjoyed the parks but they had an entertaining fixation on sampling as many desserts they could find. Another was a group of DL CMs with a gothic bent. Their request was for several hours of uninterrupted rides on the HM. They were happily accommodated.

So whether you're east coast or west coast oriented, if you come across someone who insults your home park or you as its fan, you're merely dealing with a ... well, loosely translated from an adult expression inappropriate to this forum: a very unkind person who is more concerned with regional superiority than Disney magic.