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    Thumbs up ULTIMATE disney moment

    what is your ULTIMATE disney favorite moment?!

    hmmm.... i havnt decided yet, but ill post back later..

    good luck

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    Re: ULTIMATE disney moment

    Haven't had mine yet. Still waiting.

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    Re: ULTIMATE disney moment

    Oooo there are a few ULTIMATE moments for me:

    1980- First trip to WDW- totally mesmerized by IASW and terrified on Mr Toad's Wild Ride

    1993- First trip to WDW all by myself at the age of 18 - shopping on Main St and seeing all the holiday decor was amazing.

    1995- First trip to WDW with our son- Ultimate moment watching his face glow with excitment during the Spectro Magic Parade.

    1996- honeymooned in WDW- loved spending time out by Cinderellas wishing well with hubby

    2003- First trip to WDW with our daughter- Ultimate moment seeing her eyes tear up when she saw Cinderella Castle and met Ariel at the Grotto.

    2005- Ultimate moment was having both kids being old enough to fully enjoy every minute at every park!!! Also celebrated DS's bday at the Crystal Palace. Seeing an 11 year old boy still having Pooh and Pals join in singing Happy B'day was great! ~now we have to do this with DD or she'll be upset

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    Re: ULTIMATE disney moment

    Seeing the Illuminations show for the first time.

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    Re: ULTIMATE disney moment

    These are the few that come to my mind:

    When I was 16. Before Mickey had his own tent and he was the hardest character to find. I went when I was 16 when they finally put him in a spot where you could go anytime to see him. I walked up to him and I whispered in his ear, "I know your just a person in a suit but I have been waiting my whole life to meet you." The first time I met Mickey, or so I thought. Later I found a photo of me around 5 standing next time him, don't remember it. *laughs*

    More recently, when I was standing in line with my daughter Christina and the following conversation happened:

    Christina: (looking at the couple in front of us, reading a map) Why don't we have a map Mommy?
    Me: Because I have been coming here since I was your age, we don't need a map because I am our map.
    Christina: *pauses* Your the bestest mommy ever! *HUGS*

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