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    Defective Olszewski Castle?

    I purchased an Olszewski Cinderella Castle from WDW and I love it. I have it hooked up to the electrical adapter it comes with and for some reason, the lights only stay on for about twenty minutes. Is this normal?

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    Yep. They're built so that the lights don't stay on permanently. The first release of the Disneyland castle was made so the lights would stay on, but it only had batteries, so the batteries would die before the lights would burn out. When they started putting in the electical adapters, they were finding that people were leaving the lights on all the time and then complaining that they burned out, so they changed it so that the lights go out after a certain amount of time.

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    Re: Defective Olszewski Castle?

    reminds me of my snowglobe with Lilo and Stitch. They are sitting in the hammock and there are two tiki torches behind them that light up- and one went out after less than a month and I almost never had them on.


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