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    Smile 2006 Predictions

    Not sure if anyone listens to Art Bell here or not. I don't listen regularly but I do listen on New Year's Morning after the usual party to hear listeners pridictions for the upcoming year. The predictions can be about anything, except the assasination of US political figures. And also one to a customer.

    What is your prediction for 2006?

    Mine: The upcoming political scandle will have a huge affect on the Mid term elections. Incumbants from both parties will be voted out of office on an unprecedented scale in favor of new people. At least two of them will be from a third party (such as Libertarian)
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    Re: 2006 Predictions

    I predict that the masses will continue to was waste way too much time caring about celebrity private lives.

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    Re: 2006 Predictions

    I predict that absolutely nobody, including "psychics", will be able to accurately predict anything of significance happening in 2006.

    Let's face it, if people really could predict the future, they'd be filthy, stinking rich from the time they spent playing the stock market, playing the lottery and playing Las Vegas. And, if they really didn't want the money, they could easily do so just prove they could predict the future and donate the money to charity.

    But, OK, I'll give it a shot. I predict nothing of consequence will come from recent political scandals. I predict the only thing voters will give a rip about are things which affect them directly: taxes, the price of gasoline and issues affecting their jobs. One or two candidates might be voted out because of scandals, but I doubt it will have a ripple effect.

    Although the media just can't stand it, the fact is if the Watergate scandal broke out in 2006, most people would just yawn at whole thing and get mad about Desperate Housewives being pre-empted by hearings. It aint the sixties no more, no matter how many words reporters try to combine with "gate".

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    Re: 2006 Predictions

    I predict that during 2006 I will attain more than 6000 posts. However, by acomplishing this, laundry will become piled in the hallway, dishes will overflow into the dining room area, pets will abandon me, and friends and family will only have a vague recollection of who I was.

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