Just thought that I'd drop a note here after posting a similar thread in the Community Outpost. We here in the community of La Conchita will be hosting a special event Saturday, January 7th at noon to honor those who lost their lives here in a disastrous mudslide on January 10, 2005. We are a very small hamlet along Highway 101, across from the Pacific Ocean on the way between Ventura and Santa Barbara, California.
Ten people were killed and a number of homes were destroyed in a matter of seconds.
There are a number of political issues involved in what has or has not been going on here, and you'll be seeing lots of local and national news coverage of us in days to come.
We're a tight-knit, electic, artist-colony bohemian kind of community here with lots of love and feeling for one another so you can imagine that it is is a tough anniversary to deal with. I was at home, dealing with illness at the time the hill came down about four blocks from my house that day.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.