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    Hello my Name is Angel, I am a Disney fans since a kid. I have had my AP fro 10 years this and have witness all the changes of our beloved parks. I now have two little girls of my own 2.5 years and 1.5 years and and my beautiful wife of 7 years. We all share the love for the parks together now and are usually there once a week sometimes more. I have always trafficked this forum and site but now I have created a screen name. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys on here. Thank You for reading my ramble.

    Angel AKA Circa

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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome Angel! Glad you finally came out of the shadows to join us! I don't get to the park to often (110 miles away) but I hope to get a chance to meet you one day! We've got a big anniversary meet coming up in January, and there is an unofficial meet on Sundays at noon at the hub. Sometimes there are a couple of people, sometimes dozens!

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    Re: Introduction

    My name is Aldis, I am also great fan of disney charaters and so I have joined this forum to refresh mind by doing some chit-chat about the disney characters. Mickey Mouse is my favorite character...

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    Re: Introduction

    Where are our manners? You posted this last month and no one responded.

    Welcome to MiceChat!

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: Introduction

    haaaa!! Druggas!!

    hey for the time that i been micechat. never even seen this thread.. might as well introduce!! LOL not sure what you all want to know. I do the park map thread and i now the forum signature thread... LOL

    poisonedapples is the screen name, Sara is the real name. people always mistake me for a dude on the boards. not really sure why.LOL

    just renewed my PAP 4th year in a row!!! WHOOO!!! I am usually hanging out in the main disneyland boards,but also i avid poster in the daily photo sharing.

    so there you have it!

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