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    Can you please send me a postcard? It does not have to be Disney

    My nephew is having a class contest to see if they can get postcards from all the 50 states. If you live outside of California, can you please send me a postcard postmarked from that state? You don't have to put anything on it, just please be sure its appropriate content for a 5th grade class. If you're willing to do this, please message me for the address and thanks in advance! (especially need other than: CA, AZ, CO, KY, Idaho)

    Happy mailing!
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    Re: Can you please send me a postcard? It does not have to be Disney

    Message incoming!

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    Re: Can you please send me a postcard? It does not have to be Disney

    Um... my daughter is in Idaho now.... I'll see if she can get a postcard for you! Or do you need ones other than Idaho... now that I read that again...

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