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    Smile Disney Face Character?

    hey everybody! Okay, so I really would love to be a princess at DW or DL (I mean who doesn't want to be a princess?). I've read all of the audition information on the disney website, but I still need more information. So if you guys could answer my questions that would be awesome!!!
    1. I have a friend that worked at DW that was 5'4" when measured at the audition but then they gave him Peter Pan and said he was 5'6" on the audition slip. Does this happen often? If I'm BARELY 5'3", would they maybe cast me as a 5'4" and up princess?
    2. I have really fair skin. I mean really fair. Is that a problem or will that add the the princess-ness?
    3. What face shape are they looking for for each princess?
    4. Are there any quirks they don't like? Freckles, etc?
    5. What body shape are they usually looking for? curvy, skinny, etc
    6. What are the usual facial characteristics of Ariel, Rapunzel, Merida, and Wendy/Alice?
    thank you guys so much!!!

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    Re: Disney Face Character?

    I think all, or nearly all, of your questions are answered in this thread:

    Disney Face Character Auditions

    Happy reading!

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