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    Sad anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    I should just be happy that I made it through the holidays but it's all over and I have the blues Not sure what it's about and don't think it is from what I did or didn't get for Christmas. I love to give but really bad at receiving. It's hard for me to enjoy getting cause gifts always had strings attached.
    There are a few things that I never get has a gift that I would enjoy even if I already have it. Gift cards, Barbie's and Winnie the pooh theme stuff. People don't go there cause they are afraid of getting me something I already have . I also enjoy practice stuff.
    So there is where I get to what I didn't get that I wish I did and now I can't find one anywhere? Disney Winnie the Pooh wall calendar.
    We have 5 calendars in the house all with different themes.
    Grandma's room - Chippendale's or NY firefighters
    Computer room - silly saying
    Kitchen - Cat
    My room - Winnie the pooh (Disney)
    Garage - the one we don't use in grandma's room. We pick the one with the hottest men in it.

    Will all the others get taken care of but poor me didn't get her calendar. I have been to 5 stores and can't find old pooh bear. I bought a cat one and a Disney princess but I am not sure about either.

    Was there anything that you wish you got but didn't ?
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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    I wished for my 3 girls to be home for Christmas. 2 made it, but the third couldn't be there. That would have made my christmas the best!

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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    I guess I could say I got what I wanted for Christmas. I'm easy to shop for... just buy em gift cards and I'm happy.

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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    Hubby and I stopped exchanging gifts a few years ago. I already have so much cra... uh.. stuff around here I don't NEED anything else and neither does he. We just buy for his mom and "the kids." But when I was shopping for everyone else if I saw something I wanted I bought it. I bought myself some books and small stuff. I found a cool ceramic parrot at Wally World and my daughter told me to get it and it would be "from" her. I like this arrangement soooo much better than opening yet another set of vanilla perfume from my mother in law and having to smile and tell her how much I love it. (Yeah, I HATE vanilla)

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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    a pink electric drill.....I own a boutique and just moved to a bigger am creative...but not tooo handy...never owned or operated a drill...the handyman for the new shop left his drill with me for a few weeks and the love affair began....I just used it to put in and take out screws...(this place seriously had hundreds of screws in the walls) and I became power tool woman!! I sooooo wanted a pink drill for Christmas...but didnt I headed to Wally world yesterday and got some kind of electric screwdriver aint pink..and I dont know if its powerful enough..since Im the new Martha Stewart....but the more powerful ones were friggin huge....its charging right Ill keep ya'all updated....Im SURE you will be hanging on every word!!

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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    I didn't get a massage gift card. It was the only thing I asked for, and still I didn't get it. It only costs something like $45 so I guess I could spring for it myself. I just can't justify spending that much money on something so frivolous. My husband, though, had no trouble spending over $4,ooo for an upgraded camper. Of course that was 'for the whole family'. Sure. Whatever.

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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    I actually got the two things I wanted most- a Time Turner and Lost Vikings for my GBA SP

    I prefer giving to getting- so I usually don't raise my expectations too high.

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    Re: anything you didn't get 4 the holidays?

    Did you try looking online for the calendar?

    I wanted an MP3 player. The way my dad was acting, I was SURE he was gonna get me one. Nope
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