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    Reggie Bush going Pro this year

    Not as if it is really a surprise, but Reggie Bush has decided to waive his senior year at USC. The projection is that he will be chosen by the Houston Texans with the first overall pick in the draft.
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    Re: Reggie Bush going Pro this year

    He deserves to go #1, but I wouldn't count out Vince Young going #1, being that he's from Houston and all.

    LenDale White is also going pro. I'm hoping that he will drop down to #7 and the 49ers can pick him up.

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    Re: Reggie Bush going Pro this year

    Bush should most definitely go No. 1 to the Texans. I don't think LenDale White will get drafted that high, even though I think he'll have the best career of the three Trojans.

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    Re: Reggie Bush going Pro this year

    Good luck to them all!! I'm not saying who's gonna get first pick until draft day!! So much wheeling and dealing goes on, anyone could have first pick. As for who will go first, depends on what those teams need the most! In this case, Houston needs all of it!!
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    Re: Reggie Bush going Pro this year

    I thought for sure that Young would stay another year just to win the Heisman. That's a huge loss for UT next year.

    I think I agree with Sir Clinksalot...Young will be 1st pick...
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