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    Smile Disneyland Paris Character Auditions (14th Jan 2013)

    Hey everyone (: I know there is a million threads about auditions and whatnot, but I have some questions which I can't find answers to, and also some of the threads are pretty old, and I wondered if stuff had changed.

    So I'm going to the London auditions on January 14th in Covent Garden for characters/parade performers. (I REALLY want to be Rapunzel !! :P) I'm a dancer, so not too worried about that section, but is it difficult ?? I've heard some say it's awful, and others say its extremely easy. Also, how important is it ?? Does it majorly effect whether you'll get through ?? What are the other stages of the audition ?? I know theres an 'animation' part, where you have to act out movements/scenarios etc. But how harsh are they with cuts ?? I've heard some people say that they'll cut you if your nose is the wrong shape, or your lips aren't full enough, is this true ?? And everyone keeps saying that it's very unlikely you'll get accepted the first time, how much truth is there in that ?? I know a lot of people will go and it will be there first audition and such, but I've been in a lot of shows, and have even played disney characters , so am hoping I have quite a decent chance. If anyone has any information or advice, I would seriously appreciate it. I want to do well so badly and be offered a contract, so if anyone can help me, I would be eternally greatful !! Thanks in advance guys !! <3

    (If anyone could take a look at my profile picture, and let me know if I genuinly look like I could be a good fit, I'd appreciate that too !! ) xx
    MsJFox (:

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    Re: Disneyland Paris Character Auditions (14th Jan 2013)


    I'm going to the audition on Monday 14th too! And i've been asking myself the same questions that you are! Lol.

    I'm a dancer too, and although i've never done a Disney audition, i know some girls from my dance school that have been to the auditions and also worked at Disneyland Paris.
    Their advice was that the dance section is reletively easy, and if you have a basic - good dance level and can learn routines quickly then you'll be fine. They're looking for performers who have the expression when they dance rather than techincally amazing dancers.

    I've been told the animation section comes first and that you need to give it 100%, even if you feel stupid or silly. The more stupid you feel will generally mean you're doing really well!

    I wont be auditioning for a look-a-like character, as i don't have the look. But there is a good video on you tube that i saw that may help you. Just search Disney Princess audition and they're giving some good advice.

    see you at the audition and good luck!

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