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    Helpful Home Invader Leaves Driver's License

    Helpful Home Invader Leaves Driver's License

    “Calm down. I am homeless. I just need money to feed my kids. I am sorry I scared you,” the man said, according to sources.
    The intruder even handed Karnes a driver’s license.

    She then offered her wallet and said, “Take whatever you need and get out of here.” The perp took cash and fled.

    Police later ran a computer check on the driver’s license. It belonged to a Manhattan man with a lengthy criminal record — but Karnes was unable to ID him.
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    ADA wakes to burglar in her apartment -

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    Re: Helpful Home Invader Leaves Driver's License

    Had it been me, there's a fair chance the perp would have been met with hot lead delivered at high speed........

    Seriously, I can understand a truly homeless person wanting to feed his kids, but this is not the way to do it. There are plenty of other perfectly legal ways to get back on your feet again. Even a small town like Fernley Nevada has more than one agency/group that will lend a hand.

    It seems to me that the perp took the lazy easy way out rather than face his situation and plan the best course of action.

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