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    Aaargh! This was a discussion about REAL Pirates? Not a fun reason to dress up?

    A women's group in southwest England had an embarrassing encounter at a recent meeting when members misinterpreted the idea behind a visiting speaker's talk about pirates.

    The Parkham Women's Institute, a venerable institution traditionally devoted to home-spun handicrafts and good works, decided to get into the spirit of Captain Colin Darch's talk by dressing in pirate garb. Neckerchiefs, eye patches and pirate hats were widely sported, with a toy parrot thrown in for good measure.

    Unfortunately, Captain Darch's topic focused on his 2008 ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, when he was held hostage for more than six weeks.
    Aaargh! Ladies of English town misunderstand intent of pirate night - World News

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    Re: Aaargh! This was a discussion about REAL Pirates? Not a fun reason to dress up?

    ​Sounds like something that would happen to me, too!
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