Sorry I haven't been on here in so so long. I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to but I'd like to update my news. I've taken a break from Figment for a while now and have gotten back into The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. Recently I went to the Rosebowl Swapmeet and have found many great things there. I found a poor 1986 Talking Snoopy that had a tape in his back and I figured that he's be better off with me. Well I got him for $30.00 and he works perfectly! Also later that day I saw a Grubby sitting at one of the stands and I knew if there was a Grubby, There probably was a Teddy there too. So I looked and I infact did see a Teddy Ruxpin. He was in really good shape for how old he was and I asked the price. He was only $10.00! Yep $10.00! So I got him and then I picked up Teddy and I noticed some a bag of books and cassette for him too. And I asked the guy how much Those would be and he said I could have them and the Grubby for free!! How great is that. Well that's my story of what I found at the Rosebowl Swapmeet. I'll be posting stuff about Dreamfinder and Figment again real soon. K talk to you guys again real soon