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    Superman Man of Steel - Next Villain?

    With word that Snyder will be returning to direct the sequel, I am left to wonder who should be the sequel's villain? I have yet to see Man of Steel but I am already awaiting it's sequel and the pending Justice League film. So who here thinks should be the next villain? Let us know who you think it should be by voting in the poll and providing your answer in the comments below. I will provide 10 answers in the poll, but 9 of which I will give a brief description. The 10th, well that can be up to anyone else who thinks I may have left someone out. I am excluding Zod from the list being that he well, if you've seen the recent film, you'll know why. Going in alphabetical order, here's the list:

    Braniac - The Kryptonian computer bent on assimilation of all life and world conquest. He's practically DC Comics & Action Comics version of Star Trek's The Borg. No matter how many times Superman fights & defeats him, he always seems to come back. He was featured in many of the Superman Animated Series episodes, and at least two Justice League Unlimited episodes as well.

    Darkseid - The lord of Apokolips, (pronounced Apocalypse) he is one of Superman's primal enemies. A god & dictator bent on world domination who has super strength & invulnerability, has gone toe to toe with the Man of Steel many times. His primary weapon is his Omega Beam, energy shot from his eyes powerful enough to disintegrate whoever they touch. He also appeared in many episodes of Superman Animated Series, as well as Justice League Unlimited. All of which voiced by actor Michael Ironside. He appeared in the animated, direct to video film Superman & Batman: Apocalypse, an origin story for Supergirl, and was voiced by Andre Braugher. He also made an appearance in the series finale of Smallville, but not in his comic book form, but in possessing the body & form of Lionel Luthor, Lex's father. (And word is, Darkseid is expected to be the main antagonist or villain for the live action Justice League film set for 2015. If that be the case, he probably won't appear as the villain for the Man of Steel sequel.) Darkseid also appeared in the final episode of season two of Young Justice. He appeared at the end of the episode, as a cliffhanger that would lead to a third season. Vandal Savage arrived on Apokolips in what was apparently the beginning of a new partnership, alluding to a plotline for season 3. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after two seasons.

    Doomsday - The beast who killed Superman. A genetic experiment created on Krypton, came to Earth to fight the Justice League. Only it wasn't our Justice League. The counterparts to the JLU, known as the Crime Syndicate of America, fought Doomsday when they crossed over from their alternate universe. Ultraman (Superman's counterpart) lobotomized Doomsday with his heat vision. Doomsday survived, or was brought back to life, and sought revenge on Superman. In an epic battle, Doomsday was defeated, but at the cost of Superman's life. Could we see this in the next film? Could be.

    Lex Luthor - Let's face it. Lex IS and always has been Superman's arch nemesis, his main villain, his #1 antagonist. He's been portrayed by Gene Hackman in the earlier film series, to Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns, and has appeared in Lois & Clark, the short lived Superboy series, and finally by Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville. (Ironically & coincidentally, Rosenbaum voiced The Flash/Wally West in the animated Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and the direct to video Justice League: Doom. In one episode of JLU during its last season, called "The Great Brain Robbery", Rosenbaum returned to his former role as Luthor (sort of) when the minds of both Flash & Luthor switched bodies. Rosenbaum was still voicing "The Flash" but it was Luthor in character. Rosenbaum, an avid comic book fan, also voiced the villain Deadshot in a few of the JLU episodes.) In every episode of animated form from Superman Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited, he was voiced by actor Clancy Brown, who also voiced the character in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Out of all the villains that Superman has faced since his creation, Luthor is probably the most likeliest choice for the next film.

    Metallo - There have been many incarnations of this particular villain, so he's been around for quite some time. But he's probably one of the lesser known villains among the general public. Once a man, turned into an android powered by a Kryptonite core, he's lethal to the Man of Steel since Kryptonite is one of his few weaknesses. He was featured in Superman The Animated Series, as well as a few episodes of Justice League & JLU, voiced by Malcom McDowell. He was also a featured villain in the direct to video animated films Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Justice League: Doom. In JL Doom, he was one of the members of Vandal Savage's "Legion of Doom." He also appeared in a few episodes of Smallville, portrayed by Brian Austin Green, during its ninth season as the "John Corbin" version of the character.

    Parasite - Also a lesser known villain for Superman (when compared to those of Luthor, Brainiac, & Darkseid), Raymond Jensen was just a janitor at a research lab when he was given meta-human powers as a result of some chemical waste. His powers allow him to temporarily absorb the life force of anyone he comes into contact with. When he fights Superman, he can absorb his powers, becoming as strong as the Man of Steel. He was also featured in many episodes of Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice. He also appeared in an episode of Smallville during its 8th season.

    Solomon Grundy - The walking undead, his strength rivaled that of Superman's, perhaps even that of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk. He died in a magical swamp years ago, only to be brought back to life by that same elemental magic. Thanks to that same magic, he's basically immortal & invulnerable making him a formidable foe for the Man of Steel. He's another one of Superman's villains that has been featured in many animated forms, with the exception of the Superman Animated Series. He did not appear in that show, but he did make many appearances in Justice League & JLU, even making one appearance in an episode of Smallville during it's final season. He also made a brief appearance in the video Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Will we see him in the sequel? Highly doubtful.

    Toy Man - An insane man that loves to play with toys with immense destructable power. There have been 3 versions of the character, one of them actually being a hero and ally to both Superman & Batman at a time. The character has been featured in many incarnations going back to the All New Superman Adventures animated show in the 60's all the way up to the recent series Young Justice. In Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, he apeared as the 15 year old Hiro Okamura, a boy genius with the mental equivalence of Lex Luthor, and the financial equivalence of Bruce Wayne. He's an ally for Superman & Batman as they try to stop a huge Kryptonite Meteor from crashing into the earth.

    Ultraman - The last of the poll choices, I alluded to him earlier while describing Doomsday. He's basically Superman's counterpart in an alternate dimension that features the Crime Syndicate of America, an alternate world's version of the Justice League. A group of superheroes consumed with power after they have ridded their world of crime, only to become the head honchos of crime themselves, ruling their world with fear and intimidation. Ultraman has the same powers of Superman, with super strength, flight, super speed, and heat & x-ray vision. The only incarnations we have seen him in animated form would be an episode of Justice League (although not called Ultraman during the episode) and in the direct to video animated film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earth's.

    The poll only allows ten choices. But I will provide three more villains that could be a good choice for the next film, though two would be highly unlikely, but I still felt they deserved honorable mention.

    Vandal Savage - I mentioned him a few times in my earlier descriptions. Savage was once a Cro-Magnan caveman, who came into contact with a meteor. The exposure to that meteor turned Savage into an immortal who survived eons before coming into contact with Superman and the Justice League. It also gave him superior intelligence, invulnerability, as well as increased speed & strength. He appears as a villain in a few episodes of the Justice League (before Justice League Unlimited) as well as serving as one of the primary antagonists in the series Young Justice. He was also the primary antagonist in the direct to video film Justice League: Doom, where he formed the Legion of Doom in order to destroy half the planet. He even appeared in an episode of Smallville, portrayed by another previous Superman actor, Dean Cain from Lois & Clark.

    Mongul - A tyrant who hails from the planet known as War World, where he holds death matches featuring members of different races. He's basically as tough as Darkseid, but just not as strong. Although he can hold his own against Superman, he does eventually lose out in the end during every encounter. He has appeared in a few episodes of the Justice League and JLU, as well as a couple of episodes of Young Justice.

    Gorilla Grodd - A gorilla with supreme intelligence, smarter than most men, with the power of telepathy and the ability to control the minds of anyone he chooses. He also has considerable strength, stronger than any normal gorilla. He has been featured in many episodes of Justice League and JLU, being the head of the Legion of Doom during Justice League Unlimited's final season. He also made a brief appearance in the video Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

    That's it, and pretty much all of who I can think of. If you feel like I've left out any others, please feel free to mention them below.
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    Re: Superman Man of Steel - Next Villain?

    It'll probably be Luthor.

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