I know you guys are not doctors, but just give me your opinion

I am noticing a delay to my sensation of touch, and then the actual sensation is accompanied with "static." I'm a 17 year old dude.

Its been happening since the first (And last) time I smoked weed almost a month ago.

I smoked myself to sleep, so I got REEEEEEEEALLLY messed up, and its the same kinda feeling. This was the worst mistake of my life. I never want to get near the stuff again.

I only get it sometimes when I wake up, if I go back to sleep or if I get around and eat or drink somthing it goes away.

I also have GAD (General anxiety disorder).

Do I have cancer? Or diabetes?

I did tell my mom, she says its likely in my head and that weed does not stay in my system that long.

EDIT: RIGHT after writing this it came back :/ There might be more truth to it being in my head than I thought..... But it feels so real, like I cant be making this happen.