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Thread: Al Lutz

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    Al Lutz

    The last update on Al Lutz was back in April 2013. Does anyone know how he is doing?

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    Re: Al Lutz

    From a previous thread:

    Thanks for everyones concern about Al. Dusty posted this on the Update in the comments section:

    Al is still very much involved with MiceChat and MiceAge, and has been working with members of the staff getting out his updates when he has information to share. While we appreciate the interest, please know that Al is working behind the scenes as always, he just has other members of the team doing some of the "manual labor" for him. He will continue to provide the community with updates and insight as his time and energy allow. If there is more information to be shared, you guys will be the first to know. Until then, please respect Al's privacy and the team will continue to keep you informed as to any news in the resort.

    Thank you everyone for understanding.

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