Dear Friends,

Over the years, Nick and I have asked for your help several times.

We asked for you to vote for Nick’s webcomic, Pray for Death, so he could score a DC Comics contract. You helped that dream come true and, in effect, launched Nick’s professional career as a writer.

When we staged our original theatrical production in the first Hollywood Fringe Festival, we asked you to buy tickets and support us. You helped us sell out two of our four performances and have one of the highest attended shows in the festival.

And now, once again, we need your help.

Monster Elementary is a fun, witty, comedy/adventure comic for children of all ages. It's about five monster children that are forced to attend a human public school after their monsters-only private school is raided by the FBI. Oh, and they're not allowed to eat any of the other students. It’s rough.

This will be a 90 page graphic novel made up of a series of short stories that range in length from 1 to 22 pages. The stories are illustrated by a rotating cast of artists. The below group of five monsters are at the heart of this story. Their adventures and experiences will be the focal point of the book.

  • Desmodus: Des is a vampire child that looks down on humankind. He is the leader of this group. He loves being a monster and all the powers and privileges that come with it. He wears a daylight ring that allows him to walk safely in the sunlight.
  • Lukos: Lukos is a boy werewolf and Des' best friend. He usually has to reign Des in and keep Des from doing anything drastic. Lukos has developed an unhealthy addiction to juice boxes.
  • Francesca: Francesca was assembled in a laboratory by her mother. She has a very simple view of life, a big heart, and doesn't understand why others are afraid of her.
  • Rags: Rags is a mummy that doesn't really know who he is underneath his wrappings. His identity issues lead him to try on different personalities.
  • Gilda: Gilda is a fun-loving lagoon monster. She has an untainted view of her world and has never even considered what other people might think of her. Gilda proudly and happily marches to the beat of a different drummer.

We are asking our fans, friends, and family for $19,000 to pay for the book printing, rewards, shipping, artists’ fees and Kickstarter fees. No compensation for Nick has been built into this. This is not about making money. This is about FINALLY getting, what I think, is Nick’s best script out into the world. Having children’s books and webcomics is one thing. But if Nick had a physical, 90 page graphic novel in bookstores, it could change the shape of his career and our future.

The bad news is that $19,000 is A LOT of money. The good news as that we have a total of 30 days to raise it. More good news is that we currently have 11 days left and have raised almost $9,000!!!! The bad news is that we are on third through the funding period and have raised almost one-half of the money. And for those who are new to Kickstarter, you should know, we don’t keep ANY of the money unless we reach at least $19,000. That’s right. If we raise $18,000, we don’t receive any of the money.

We need your help. If you have already contributed, we thank you. We thank you PROFUSELY. If you haven’t, we ask that you check out Nick’s project proposal here.

And you can even read the first six pages of the book here.

Watch the video. Read the proposal. Look at the art. Read the project updates. Check out the rewards. Read the first six pages. And if your heart tells you to help us bring this book into the world, please contribute.

We know that, in this bad economy, many people and organizations are asking for your money. And if you simply cannot contribute monetarily, we understand and thank you so much for your time, your energy, and your support of us over the years. However, there is one thing you can do that requires no money at all.

Share Monster Elementary with your friends. Facebook, Twitter, email, for goodness sakes MYSPACE EVEN! If everyone contributes $25, the contribution level that gives you a copy of the book, we would still need 480 people to donate. We need more than just your support. We need complete strangers, YOUR friends, help too.

Thank you SO MUCH for giving us your time and reading this. Our MiceChat family has been so supportive over the years in all of our endeavors and needs. And we are always grateful for every one of you regardless of your ability to contribute. Just listening to us is enough to warm our hearts.

Thank you,