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    Talking Tips and Tricks for CP Phone Interviews and/or Auditions!!

    Hey guys!! So I am very excited to say that I applied for the Disney College Program for the spring semester, I have a phone interview coming up this week and in two weeks I will be going to the character auditions!! Does anyone who made it, or just went through those things to work for Disney in general have any tips or tricks for me? I already know the smiling and the researching and all the common tips, in fact I've been researching this all weekend, I just always feel more confident when I am over prepared! haha so thank you so much if you have any that you'd like to share with me or anyone else going through this!! And if there are others looking at this forum who are going through the same thing, I say Best of luck to you!!
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    Re: Tips and Tricks for CP Phone Interviews and/or Auditions!!

    Best of luck dude...!
    Hope you will be inn...!

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