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    Cool ha what on earth?

    i was looking at this urban legends site and one of the things said

    "The Legend: If the submarine lagoon is ever drained, the Matterhorn will fall over.
    Behind the Legend: Now what kind of sense would that make? Could you imagine an engineer allowing such a situation to exist? The fact of the matter is, if the lagoon is drained the Matterhorn sinks a couple of feet and that's it."

    thats kinda funny cuz they did drain the submarine ride and i dont think it sunk at all

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    Re: ha what on earth?

    The lagoon is drained and the Matterhorn hasn't moved. Think about it. Water isn't going to hold anything up.
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    Re: ha what on earth?

    I think the soil compresses. On something the size of the Matterhorn, you won't notice a sinking of "a couple of inches".
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    Re: ha what on earth?

    so true....but that legend is based purley on the "Keep the subs how they are" thing

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