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    did you guys see...

    normally i dont wacth the show Rosanne but an episode last night was just too hillarious... this family of fat rude people went to disney world... there were tons of jokes about walt disney and everything... actulally kind of funny

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    I remember that episode, the best part is when Dan is in EPCOT at the German area and the waitress brings him a yard of beer. Dan's reaction to 3 feet of beer was priceless.
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    My favorite episode of a lot of tv series is when they go to Disney World. I can't imagine why though...

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    I like the one before they actually leave and Becky was played by Sarah Chalke at the time and she had just been told they were going to WDW and she says, "Glad I'm here this week," or something along those lines. I thought that was one of the funniest things I've heard in a TV show at that point (hey I'm young leave me alone!).
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