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    Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    I found this posting on another website and thought it be a good discussion topic for here.

    Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    In my opinion, without a doubt. Is it fair? No way.
    Over the weekend, a kid fell out of a roller coaster at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park (between Orlando and Tampa). The media covered the incident, but not in the same fashion they've covered incidents at any of Disney's parks. I just saw a brief article that you never would read about Disney. It simply stated the boy was at fault.
    But last year, the media coverage of the death of four year old Daudi Bamuwamye after riding the Mission: Space ride at EPCOT was completely different. Despite the fact that he had heart problems and there are 13 (estimated) warnings posted before riding the ride, the media made it look as if Disney was to fault for the incident.

    Don't believe me? Check my references from a paper I completed last semester in my Crisis Communications class (graduate level) on this topic.

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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    I think so. Because they're a bigger, more well known company. Because of their reputation.
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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    They have a reputation to keep up, they are also big and famous and rather easy to attack. Media gold mine...

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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    yes, i think they are held to a higher standard. i don't think that's always necessarily a bad thing, though. of course, when something goes wrong, it will probably be covered more heavily than another company. on the other hand, disney can call in major stars & sponsors like no other, too.

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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    Disney set itself a standard for safety, dignity, and ... class, for lack of a better word. I think that's a fine thing. So yes, when somebody gets hurt at Disney, it's more of a shock than at other parks.
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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    Yep ... they are surely held to a higher standard and yes they helped set that standard for theme parks -- but that dosen't neccessarily mean that it's fair

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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    Disney is a class act. They are a theme park, not an amusement park, the second oldest theme park industry in the world. They have always placed a high value on everything that they do. I would say that the general population is more likely to be shocked if something goes wrong at Disney than any other park for the simple matter of fact that Disney is Disney, a highly sought after name, a name with class and reputation, a name that is the TOP in theme parks. Do I agree with the media's extra attention on mishaps at Disney parks? Probably not in most cases. Do I understand? Yes, I do.

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    Re: Is Disney held to a higher standard?

    I don't think htye're held to a higher standard, I think they get more money for the news outlet much more then Cypress Gardnes would. Just think of all the times your local news gives "previews" of a "major story" and it turns out to be pretty stupid. they suck you in with the tease.
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