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    Question If you had to pick: East Coast Swing or West Coast Swing

    If you had to pick between taking East Coast Swing dancing or West Coast Swing dancing, which would you take?

    Here is the a description of these two types of dancing:

    East Coast Swing
    The whole country is suddenly grooving to this fun, bopping dance! This extremely fun dance features a quick, lively count (either single or triple step). The leader and follower often mirror each other's actions and dance with enthusiasm and hop.

    West Coast Swing

    West Coast Swing is a slinky, creative wonderful dance. Leaders and followers groove back and forth with each other along an imaginary line, referred to as the slot. West Coast Swing is slower than its East Coast brethren, but the dancers take the extra time to do fancy footwork: spins, quick turns, and improvised groovin'.'s been a long time.

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    Re: If you had to pick: East Coast Swing or West Coast Swing

    Actually I like them both equally. I just love the whole swing music and dancing stuff!

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    Re: If you had to pick: East Coast Swing or West Coast Swing

    East Coast Swing is much easier, and from there you can learn Lindyhop and a few other dances.
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