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    Don't you love it when school mascots fight?

    Article from 3/6/06

    Title: Mascots add a little WWE to CAA tourney

    During the second half of Virginia Commonwealth's game against Hofstra, the mascot of the Pride, a lion, stole a Rams' sign and carried it onto the court where he bent it, tossed it to the floor, stomped on it and then picked it up and pretended to use it as toilet paper.
    The VCU fans did not find this amusing, and began chanting, "Rodney, Rodney," and Rodney Ram, the VCU mascot, appeared on the scene....
    Read the rest at the TimesDispatch/collegesmascots.

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    Re: Don't you love it when school mascots fight?

    So they guy in the lion suit who started it all was allowed to stay in the game and the guy in the ram suit had to leave?? I think they both should of been kicked out.

    Poor sportsmanship on both parts I think.

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