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    Re: What is WRONG with people

    You can call the cops but unfortunately they can't do anything other than maybe talk to the psycho girl's dad. I know this because I have a neighbor who's been trouble since my mom and I moved in, he's got anger issues (and we believe he smokes pot). But he's yelled and screamed at us every name in the book, we finally called the cops and they couldn't do a single thing. So dissapointing.

    I'm really sorry about what happened. I had trouble with bullies when I was younger and it's no fun. But mean adults are the worst.

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    Re: What is WRONG with people

    Quote Originally Posted by Mouse princess
    Sorry to hear about this. I'd like to add I don't think Ky is wrong for standing up to a bully, no matter if they are a girl or a boy. Bully's only know one thing and the only way to back them off is to fight back.
    I agree. I hope that you reconsider punishing Ky for defending himself.

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    Re: What is WRONG with people

    *bump* what happened with this? Did the Principal take any action? Is the creepy dad and creepy daughter start staying away?

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