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    Re: scariest thing happened to me last night....

    That was scary. I can't belive that it took the cops so long to get there with a minor calling and saying someone was trying to get into the house. Glad everyone's ok.

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    Re: scariest thing happened to me last night....

    When The Boy was around 6 months old, I was in the kitchen, doing dishes. I heard someone messing with my security screen on the front door. I opened the door to see a man. He wanted me to unlock the screen so that he could show me his wonderful cleaning products. He became irate when I refused and gave the screen a few more tugs before I slammed the door and he finally gave up. The next morning I was watching the local news. They were talking about a woman who was severly beaten and raped when she let a salesman enter her home the day before. They then showed a pic of the man. IT WAS THE SAME GUY! Since then I have been vigilent about keeping the screen locked at all times and never EVER opening it for anyone I don't know or wasn't expecting.

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    Re: scariest thing happened to me last night....

    wow...people are crazy, makes you want to blot the door and never come out...which I guess I could do as long as I have micechat

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    Re: scariest thing happened to me last night....

    see now that is the part of the movie when i turn to the person next to me and say "what the hell are you doing the, crazy lady is going to eat you, go back home save yourself. Run fool Run." and everyone in the audience starts to either laugh or tell me to shut up. i'm glad you kept your friend calm.
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