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    well thats none of your buisness

    Re: I'm DONE pre-ordering from the Disney Store

    Quote Originally Posted by sir clinksalot
    ^ Actually, we decided to just give it to either my Mom or my in-laws as part of their Easter present. Probably my Mom.

    At least that way the kids can watch it when they stay over.

    Thanks a bunch for the offer though.

    I'm still complaining to the Disney Store about this though.
    Cool! Any time let me know if you change your mind. HAve a wonderful night hon .

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    Re: I'm DONE pre-ordering from the Disney Store

    Quote Originally Posted by sir clinksalot
    ^ And unfortunately I'm finding out that every other place won't do an exchange even on an un-opened DVD.

    So it looks like I may be out $20 unless I can maybe cell it on ebay or something. That seems like too much trouble to be honest though.

    Can Disney Store look up your original purchase from the Credit Card like other stores can do? I don't think I have the original receipt.
    As far as I know, no. But of course I dont have access to the sales system like that, and I do not recall ever seeing something done like that in my store in the 3+ years I have been there.

    But in my store we make it a pratice to staple your orginal recipt to the presale slip just for this reason (along w/ any coupons so that you remember to use that too when picking up the movie).

    In relation to BigPigletFan's post. All stores are diffrent in enforcing the rules. Some are more easy going and some are really by the book. If a store chooses to be strict to the rules (as maybe they have had much more troubble with these types of things in their stores compaired to others) they will stay with their decision. Other stores are more bendable with the rules. I cant speek for other stores, or say that this will happen everytime at my store (this is my disclamer line as I am only a small fish in the big TDS pond, so do not take this is statment of mine and try to enforce it in any store as I do not make the rules) but depending on the manager on that night, and the attitude of the guest (are they yelling and huffing and puffing and calling me names which would not want me to help them out more, or understanding and nice which makes me want to help them out more) our store would probably offer atleast store credit with the return of the Gift With Purchase (the movie poster in this case).
    Thank You for dropping by my post. I do hope you enjoyed your stay....

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    Re: I'm DONE pre-ordering from the Disney Store

    ^ See that's the thing. Not only have I done customer service and worked retail, I train people customer service so I'm truly understanding of policies and procedures.

    I was as nice as could be ... and it wasn't like I wasn't buying another $50 worth of merchandise, because I was.

    Regarding the "Original receipt" I pre-ordered Chicken Little and Narnia on the same day so they didn't staple. I know they do usually do this though.

    And honestly, I'm not upset at the new policy ... I just wish it would have been communicated better. I also do think it's a stupid policy because honestly ... the reason most people that I know pre-order from TDS is to get the litho, poster, etc meaning they probably also want the "special editions".

    I can foresee them missing out on alot of sales because of their "full-screen" only policy.

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