Is anyone playing Blab having a problem with version 2.0? I never had a problem with 1.0, just 2.0. The other night when I was teamed up with Yak I noticed the game sped up when we were over by the big space ship. It only happened for a moment but it was hard to follow the game and Yak's ship just went dead. The night before I was playing single play and as soon as the game started it sped up for a few seconds. I also experienced the game hanging and when it unhangs it's advanced to a different spot. I thought it was my computer but it only happens with Blab and nothing else and only with version 2.0. Will someone please tell me I'm not going crazy and they are having the same problem.

Here's my updated buddy list. I've linked up with Yak, Annie, Aussiemate and JulianaRules through my buddy list now. Juliana and Aussie, you both rock like Annie and Yak. I had a lot of fun. The more time we get to do team play the better we'll get at it. If you want me to add you to my buddy list then leave word on this thread and I'll do it.

Peace out.