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    Not going to Disneyland this summer

    I probably won't make it to Disneyland this summer. My grandpa is ill, and I must go visit him till he gets better.

    However...this means I get to go in Christmas, which I hear is quite a good time (besides the crowds)

    I was so hyped to go again, and now I have to wait 6 and a half months.
    But family comes before enjoyment.

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    Re: Not going to Disneyland this summer

    Try and go the same day they have the Candlelight Processional. I was there for it last year, and it was absolutely magnificent. Plus, you get all the decorations, the tree, and the Holiday versions of IASW and THM. It's truly magical.

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    Re: Not going to Disneyland this summer


    I so feel your pain. My partner and I were going to sneak out to see the changes in POTC and HM this July, but problems at his work were so profound--he quit and moved to a new, better location.

    Leaving behind all those vacation hours. Dangnabit.

    So much for travel this summer.

    Still it's better to see him happy.

    And we're planning on going to WDW in February, which helps but is, doubledangnabit, a gazillion months away.

    Better start training now.

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