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    Awesome customer service...

    I went to Albertson's with the kiddos this afternoon to get our passport photos done. They haven't been doing them that long so no one really knew what to do. They ended up getting who I assume is the store manager over to help. He was great! Took tons of pictures and let me pick and choose. The boy twin wouldn't smile to save his life; some of his shots looked like mugshots! Anyway after about 30 minutes the manager hands me the 3 sets of pictures and tells me he is only going to charge me for one set! And if they aren't correct, they will take new ones free of charge.

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    Re: Awesome customer service...

    Isn't that great!! The same thing happened to us at JcPenney. The girl messed up about 3 sets of pictures and was just going to throw them away. So, I asked if she minded if I had them - and now I have a bunch of little mugshots too!

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