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    Community service for theft and cruelty?

    Couple steals their friend's cat (because it pooped in their truck and *gasp!* scratched it), drives it 15 miles into the Florida everglades and abandons it there.

    Um... let's think about this: leave a cat to die in the wilderness... get 100 hours' community service. Am I missing the connection here?

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    Re: Community service for theft and cruelty?

    The people who moved into my cousin's old house put cat traps outside of their yard, which was the city's property, trapped the neighbor's two cats and drove out into the country and dumped them. They are now being fined $7000 per cat b/c it is illegal to set traps on city property and illegal to dump animals in the country.

    I think the sentences and punishments for animal cruelty are not harsh enough. It's ridiculous what people get away with.
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    Re: Community service for theft and cruelty?

    On top of that they are kidnapping/stealing other peoples pets.

    i think there should have been more punishment.

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    Re: Community service for theft and cruelty?

    I wish they drove them out about 100 miles into the wilderness and left them there with no food/water, and having to haul their butts back to the nearest town.

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    Re: Community service for theft and cruelty?

    Hangin's too good fer them!

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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