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    Re: What you don't like about birthdays

    It's just that I don't feel as old as my number of years on the earth. I am about 10 years less.

    I don't always get what I want also I usally buy myself something. It shouldn't upset me but it's like they don't know me at all.
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    Re: What you don't like about birthdays

    I hate when people sing Happy Birthday to me.
    I hate that too. It is so awkward because everyone sings and you have to spend all 15 grueling seconds sitting there and smiling or something while everyone looks at you.

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    Re: What you don't like about birthdays

    My Bday falls right in the middle of the first day of Dec and christmas. so everyone is running around the malls buying stuff for other people focusing on x-mas...

    and my bday presents are also usually my x-mas presents too, so that totally blows. it didn't bother me before, but now that i'm older and thinking about it, it stinks.

    speaking of getting older...

    also, my bday is during finals week, so you know what people are doing at that time of year...

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    Re: What you don't like about birthdays

    I hate that the everyone forgets mine.
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