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    Flying with kids (article)

    Found this article on MSN. Actually, I think it's more of a professional blog than a column, but hey, the lines between the two are very blurry these days.

    Has some good tips on flying with kids.

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    Re: Flying with kids (article)

    I love the last one about not walking up and down the aisle, as people only want to see you so many times....

    Last time we flew, this guy had an older infant on the flight. The baby was an angel, slept the entire time, but the DAD, oy. He walked and bounced her the entire time, with this "whoa is me" attitude, making eye contact with as many people as he could, shaking his head and shrugging with this, "what can you do" thing going. For two hours, this jackass took up the aisle and bothered everyone.

    Finally, the flight attendant asked him to take his seat, and I willed him to crash into the overhead compartment. When he did, no one laughed louder than me, but everyone laughed a little.....

    Sometimes adults need to bring things on board to keep themselves occupied as well.

    We've thankfully had extremely well-behaved travelers in the car and on planes.

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    Re: Flying with kids (article)

    Thanks for the link! I'll have to remember those for our trip to Australia, although I am sure we'll be going up and down the aisles more than once on that 17 hour trip!

    Stink, great story!

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