Who says Tomorrowland wasn't futuristic? In this article:
http://msnbc.msn.com/id/13232381/?GT1=8211 , which is about something unrelated (space fashion), I caught this little tidbit (bolding mine)
Rocketplane’s XP vehicle will accommodate a pilot and three passengers. The fighter-sized craft is powered by both turbojet engines and a rocket engine. The vehicle is being built to accelerate to speeds of some 2,386 miles per hour (3,500 feet per second) and reach altitudes in excess of 330,000 feet (100 kilometers). Flying that suborbital profile, all onboard will be weightless for three to four minutes during the trek to the edge of space.
So there ya have it. A real "Rocket Jet".

(And now you know why an item about Rocket Jets is in the lounge, LOL)