Oooh I'm so mad!

I decided to check on my e-trade account. I'm not an active trader, I prefer to buy and hold for a while, so I don't check it all that often, and when I do, I usually check the values of my (whopping) 2 stocks and log out. Well today I noticed a rather large negative (cash call) balance on my account... of nearly $200!

I knew I hadn't intentionally done any transactions that would put a negative balance on there. While I've looked at option plays, I have never done one. So I hunted around my account history and finally figured out that they've been hitting me with a $40 fee QUARTERLY. Um, hello?

Luckily I caught this days before the next one will probably be assessed. Time to clear that out. My investments can't possibly increase at a rate fast enough to match that.

$40...quarterly! I know it takes SOME maintenance to keep up accounts with the feds, but come ON $160/year for an account that sees little activity? That's insane!