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    75 Mickeys in Washington DC

    Hey All! 2 weekends ago I was in Washington DC and while I was there I got to see the 75 Mickey statues that were previously at DCA and other places. They are located in the courtyard outside the Ronald Regan building near the Fedral Triangle metro station. I took some pics...enjoy!

    One of my favs...Mickey's dream

    The Metro station is right behind this statue

    Always my Angel...Mickey

    This one is my most favorite!
    Do you remember your imagination?
    When Neverland was your destination.
    Your magical adventure isn't over yet,
    Just hold on tight and don't forget...

    -Remember When, Theme of Disneyland's 50th

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    Why were they there?

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    they were in dc when i was there at the end of march....kinda neat to see them there too.

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    Thanks for the pictures!

    Quote Originally Posted by monorail_rider
    Why were they there?
    After the statues were in WDW they went on a little tour around some major cities in the US including Minneapolis, Dallas, Kansas City, Boston, Atlanta and some others. Not ALL 75 went all places though. The website for the "75 InspEARations Tour" is here:
    Here are some of my pictures from the Galleria of Eden Prairie-- where they were here in Minnesota. Enjoy.

    Minnesota's own Timberwolf, by KG

    Regis' Mouse

    And Kelly's

    Tom Cruise's Space Mouse

    Raven's. As shown in the Disney 411 promo for the tour. This was played in the Disney Stores and also in WoD at DD. She took 3 days changing her design and "Mickey Mouse is the only mouse I will kiss and hug!". Apparently she's not a fan of Minnie?

    The winning Disney Store Cast Member design

    Patriotic Mickey

    One of my favorites from the tour - my favorite one from the group that came to Minnesota. This was the only one with Minnie and it was her birthday too. Just saying.

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