Note to self: Must turn cell back on so that I can torture Dsnylndmom from Uva, just like the good ol' days, and not worry about the boyfriend seeing it.

I think I'm notorious for drunk texting. It came right after I gave up my drunk dialing phase... (Disguy, shhh! Last Friday doesn't count!)

However, it can be dangerous: One Jacked up bartender refuses to delete tm's I sent him in OCTOBER! We can laugh about it now, and refer to it occasionally. Makes a great center piece at things like St. Patrick's Day parties. Worked good for him though. I'm getting his truck on Pimp My Ride, and it's partly because of those damn tm's.

Best drunken tm's I get I think are from Dsnylndmom. But maybe that is just because they come so frequently.... do you have my new number btw?

Hmm... I'm going to Uva tonight for a couple "business meetings". Keep your cells nearby.