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    Question Traffic in Los Angeles on a Sunday


    I need some Los Angeles specific information please. I am planning my November trip to Disneyland, and I am trying to decide between driving straight through in one shot or breaking up the drive into 2 days.

    Here is plan A: Drive from San Jose to Anaheim in one shot IF traffic from about Glendale to Anaheim is typically light on an average Sunday afternoon


    Drive on sunday from San Jose to Glendale, stop see my sister stay overnight and finish up the trip from Glendale to Anaheim in the morning arriving at disneyland around 1pm ish.

    I will be driving alone with a 2year old and since I did the trip in feb I know that stretch of Los Angeles is BAD during the week but I'm not sure about Sundays

    any info from you Los Angelinos


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    Re: Traffic in Los Angeles on a Sunday

    I think you should be fine on a Sunday. I think Sunday is the only day of the week there is very light traffic unless its a holiday or there's an accident. Your drive from Glendale to Anahiem should be an easy one.

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    Re: Traffic in Los Angeles on a Sunday

    I agree. Sundays are the lightest day of the week. If you wait to go from Glendale to Anaheim on Monday, you will run into heavy traffic.

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    Re: Traffic in Los Angeles on a Sunday

    Oh yeah.. if it's Sun afternoon vs. Monday morning... Sunday all the way!!
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    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
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    Re: Traffic in Los Angeles on a Sunday

    I would think going through that area of LA on a Sunday morning is best because many people will be at church. I would try to get through LA before noon though when people start getting back on the road though . Plus many people like to take Sunday as their day of relaxation. So it shouldn't be that bad.

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