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    What's the deal with MiceChat?

    Is it Mice?

    Or is it Chat?

    What is the deal?
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    Re: What's the deal with MiceChat?

    No deal, just a time killing program, utilized by Disney nerds.

    A sort of bonding of people who have a common goal.

    A goal of staying young and playing all day.

    Playing in a park that takes all of your money.

    Money you need to pay for food, rent, cars, etc.

    Micechat, is there a better forum for the price?

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: What's the deal with MiceChat?

    You know, I have often pondered that same question.....
    Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban

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    Re: What's the deal with MiceChat?

    ok again I am saying hmmmmmmm.. and NO tui I am not eating a hamburger.. LOL

    Friends for life

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