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    Richard Riordan resigns as Secretary of Education

    This is more for those of us with kids in school than a news story. Maybe we can finally get someone who knows about education to fill his vacancy.

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    LOS ANGELES Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan resigned his post as California's secretary for education, effective June 30, it was announced Wednesday.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been under fire for his proposed cuts to education, said he accepted Riordan's resignation with "deep regret." Schwarzenegger said Riordan discussed his intention to step down a month ago, but agreed to stay on until the governor could initiate a search for a successor.
    I know a lot of educators who are going to be celebrating this news.
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    This guy's run as Sec of Education has been a gold mine for comedy. The "stupid dirty girl" thing was hysterical and stupid all at the same time.

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    You are going to love the new guy. He was the Superintendent of the San Diego city Schools before he had his contract bought out by the board. Seems like all the teachers hated him. He spent money foolishly. As for his qualifications, he was the ferderal prosecter in San diego.
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