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Thread: 3 Wishes!!!

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    In your dreams

    3 Wishes!!!

    ...And no wishing for more wishes!

    I wish....

    1. For contentment in what i have and may never have
    2. To travel throughout space with a nifty jet pack
    3. For Happiness for every micechatter
    Marge: Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test? Homer, shouldn't we have gone with a better-known brand?
    Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
    Marge: [reading from the test box] "Ahoy, Maties! If the water turns blue, a baby for you! If purple ye see, no baby thar be!"
    Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
    Marge: Pink.
    Homer: D'oh!
    Marge: "If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!"

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    I wish...

    1) My Wife would let us leave now (3 hours eairly)
    2)That it would stop raining.
    3) That everyone here have a wondeful time while I am gone.

    *edit* Wow wishes do come true (Wish #1)

    Bye all.
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