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    CA AP's in Orlando?

    Okay, I have a PAP for DLR. I pretty much already know that it does next to nothing for me in if I visit WDW... right? Or is there any chance I can wave it around an Orlando cast member's eyes, and beg for some kind of discount on something--anything? I don't want to bother if they'll only shake their head and give me a "tsk, tsk, tsk" sound.

    Also, I also happen to have a Universal Studios Hollywood Deluxe AP. Does it do anything for me in either USO or IOA in terms of park passes or discounts of any kind? That I'm not as clear on. I'm guessing not, but it never hurts to ask. Anyone know?
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    Re: CA AP's in Orlando?

    My son went to USH, FL last summer, so we sent his AP with him.

    Nope, nuthin' for it...But don't take this as gospel, things do change.

    At least he didn't lose it during the trip. LOL


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    Re: CA AP's in Orlando?

    A DL AP won't get you diddly at WDW. At most someone "waving it around" might be seen as annoying, and that's not a good recipe for service. Since you can bet your sweet bippy that you'll get nothing, I wouldn't bother to try.

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