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    Within 78 miles of WDW...

    College / HS classes...

    Did you get what you wanted? or did they canceled classes on you??

    My radio class was cancled, and i switched to broadcast practicum, which got caned..

    Now im dropping my science class and moving to another class... if i can.

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    Re: College / HS classes...

    I find out all my classes for my freshman year of high school next tuesday
    I signed up for Algebra, PE, Advanced Video Production, Biology, Language Arts and Spanish 1a

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    Re: College / HS classes...

    My classes and entire life is so messed up now because I couldn't force-add into one class that I really need.
    I would have had 14 credit hours, but since I can't, i have to take another history course and a computer conepts course, bringing me to over 16 credit hours, so everyday I won't get home until almost 4, plus on thursdays, I'll have to go from school directly to dance, so that's an hour drive right there. I can't handle more than 14.
    14 was hard enough for me to handle, but 16 I just can't do, but no one seems to understand that, and they won't let me take 1 summer school class, and apparently, I have to graduate in may.
    I just can't do it. I want to have some time to myself and be able to dance twice a week. I refuse to quit dance, it's the one thing I have.
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