For anyone in the Bay area (CA) particularly Northbay a Charactor wherehouse has opened in the Petaluma outlet mall. It will be there until early June I believe.

they actualy have a pretty good selection right now, I found shirts in almost every size (medium in adult and child sizes were scarse but the rest was pretty good variety.)
Coffee mugs, polar fleece ( a large assortment)
a lot of 2004 merch. but a decent selection of 2005 merch as well
photo albums, frames, hats, jackets, and so many more things.

some pretty good deals in there as well
( I got two $38 sweatshirt for $12 a piece for each of the kids....gotta love that.)

In fact I am about 1/3 of the way packed for July just from that quick trip
(The kids don't know we are going, and I plan on surprising them with new t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc when we arrive....)

Only 76 days to go......