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    It's fall, ya'll!

    Free Museum Day--Sept. 30

    On September 30, 2006, for one day only, museums across the country will join the Smithsonian Institution in its long-standing tradition of offering free admission to visitors.

    Venues that agree to participate will extend free admission for two people when presented with a Museum Day Admission Card.
    We'll be hitting the Forest Discovery Center in Portland that day, since we recently took the kids to the Historical Society and the Portland Art Museum.

    Get some culture, MiceChatters!!

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    Re: Free Museum Day--Sept. 30

    The Cincinnati Museum Center has "Free Friday" about twice a month from 4-8pm, so we've gone once or twice. Not much there, but it's ok.
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    Re: Free Museum Day--Sept. 30

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    Re: Free Museum Day--Sept. 30

    Aw man! My family will be at the MiceQuest and Dessert Party. Does that count as culture????

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